Analytical Facilities




Gasbench + MAT253 for d13C, d18O, DIC
TC/EA for d18O and dH
Neptune for d26Mg, Sr/Sr, d44Ca
ICP-AES for element ratios and concentrations
Cave microclimate monitoring & Autosampler for dripwater


The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research hosts a high performance computer cluster (IBM/Lenovo NeXtScale nx360M5) with state of the art Intel Haswell processors (in total 5088 CPU cores) with scalar frequencies of up to 3.4 GHz and 64 GByte DDR4 memory per compute node, reaching 212 TFlops/s. It is extended by a set of graphical coprocessors (nVidia Kepler K40 accelerators) to support development of new applications and 6 large memory compute servers (256GB RAM) available for the project. The system is completed by a high available parallel file system with 2 PByte capacity and 20 GB/s read/write bandwidth, and a non-blocking high performance FDR Infiniband network. To accomplish high energy efficiency, the computer cluster has a direct watercooling for processors and memory waste heat that is used to heat the campus’ office building(s) during winter season.