Fieldwork in Waipuna Cave, New Zealand

Seb is currently visiting Beth and Adam to conduct fieldwork in Waipuna cave. The goal was to survey surface and cave tracks to link drip monitoring sites in the cave with the meteo station at the surface, install loggers, download collected data etc.

Two trips were very successful, although the autosampler – to be deployed – failed us due to moisture creeping into the electronics (again). It is currently being repaired and will be installed as soon as time permits.

Here an image of Adam in Waipuna:dsc02066

QUEST at the German Cavers Association Annual General Assembly (VdHK)

Seb presented QUEST in an invited public lecture on the 6th of May 2016 at the VdHK General Assembly in the Harz Mountains. The lecture on “Climate reconstructions from caves and the importance of climate monitoring in caves” appealed to the German speleologists to support scientific monitoring efforts in caves. A lively questioning-answering session helped to explain the importance of monitoring and the roles non-scientists can play in scientific projects. The talk and discussion got great feedback from the community.