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FORCulator: a micromagnetic tool for simulating first-order reversal curve diagrams

We are proud to announce the availability of FORCulator, the latest addition to our family of FORC processing and analysis software for Igor Pro. FORCulator is a micromagnetic simulator optimised for the calculation of FORC diagrams for arbitrary ensembles of interacting single domain particles. FORCulator is designed to generate geometries of particular relevance to rock magnetism. Currently there are three options: random clusters of randomly orientated particles, close packed clusters of randomly oriented particles and chains of particles (designed to mimic the chains of magnetosomes produced by magnetotactic bacteria). FORCulator can be adapted to produce any arrangement of particles and alignment of anisotropy axes (please contact me if you have specific requests for FORCulator features, or if you require help to adapt FORCulator to your own specific needs).


For a full description of the theory behind FORCulator see our G-Cubed paper and AGU 2014 poster:

Harrison RJ and Lascu I (2014) FORCulator: a micromagnetic tool for simulating first-order reversal curve diagrams. Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems, DOI: 10.1002/2014GC005582.

Link to article in press

Download PDF of Poster


To download the software and get FORCulating, visit the FORCulator site. This site is a work in progress. We will post more details and a comprehensive user guide as soon as possible.


To see some examples of FORC simulations created with FORCulator, see our Gallery page.


Happy FORCin’


Rich and Nono


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