A multiscale approach to paleomagnetic analysis of geological materials


Download FORCinel

Step 1: FORCinel 3.0 can be run using either Igor Pro version 6 or the recently released Igor Pro version 7. If you do not already have a copy of Igor Pro, download and install the demo version from wavemetrics. Click here to go direct to the Igor Pro demo download page.


WARNING: If you using Igor Pro version 6 on the Macintosh Platform, there is a bug in the latest release version of Igor Pro 6.3 that will cause FORCinel to crash. To run FORCinel 3.0 using Igor Pro version 6 on the Mac, you will need to download the latest ‘Nightly Build’ version of Igor 6.3. Please visit the Nightly Build site, and follow the instructions to install version


Step 2: Download the latest FORCinel package (FORCinel + Test Data):


FORCinel v3.06


Step 3: Double click the package icon to launch FORCinel within Igor Pro.


Step 4: See the Quick Start Guide to load in your FORC data and start processing.


Step 5: Consider joining the FORCinel users mail list to receive news about updates and provide feedback/discussion about FORCinel. Click here to join! Alternatively you can leave comments on the FORCinel front page.


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