Dr. Luke Skinner

Dr. Adam Scrivner (senior research assistant)

Dr. Salima Souanef-Ureta (senior research assistant)

Dr Mohamed Ezat (Royal Society Newton International Research Fellow, from 2017)

Dr Maria de la Fuente (PDRA, ‘Biogeochemical fingerprinting of the ocean’s role in CO2 change’)

Dr Natalia Vazquez-Riveiros (former AXA and Newton Trust research fellow, 2011-2013)

Ms Sophie Lawrence (former MRes student, 2017)

Dr Julia Gottschalk (former PhD student, 2015)

Dr Emma Freeman (former PhD student 2015)

The Godwin Laboratory (stable isotope lab, director Prof. D Hodell)

The Cambridge Earth Sciences Palaeoclimate Group

The Cambridge Centre for Climate Sciences (CCfCS)