Elektirion! – A climate exhibit in the Sedgwick Museum

The Sedgwick Museum in the Department of Earth Sciences, Cambridge (2016)

“Elektirion” is a NERC-funded project to develop and build a climate exhibit in the Sedgwick Museum, at the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge.  The exhibit is called “Elektirion” after the name given to the Socratic method of eliciting understanding through a cooperative exchange of arguments, dialogue and questioning, or “elenchus”.  The Elektirion therefore aims to provide a space for elenchus, for questioning and answering, and for inspiring the pubic to wonder about the climate system, how it works and how we can know. The exhibit is to be built around the idea of physical spaces and objects that invite curiosity and questions, and will be structured around a division of the climate system into 6 key interacting elements: our solar energy source, our greenhouse atmosphere, the solid earth and its surface, the cryosphere (ice), the hydrosphere (oceans) and the biosphere.

This project is being undertaken in collaboration with the architecture practice Public Works, and the artistic production company 30 Bird Productions (with links to its interdisciplinary project MUD).

Watch this space!